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NEC's Air Traffic Services (ATS) System

NEC offers a total solution to today’s air transport needs with more than 30 Years of experience.

NEC Indonesia provides the:

  • ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) / CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communication)
  • AFIN / AMHS (ATS Message Handling System)

  1. NEC’s ADS/CPDLC System
    NEC has experience in development and implementation of ADS/CPDLC System in Japan with more than 10 years of experience in ADS/CPDLC System. NEC has proven in acquisition of a number of satisfactory results. Our products are available in future features with extensibility / enhancement.

    • Received ADS report from aircraft to calculate the current aircraft position
    • Display received reports and issue emergency alarm if any
    • Compare with flight plan  NG  Display deviation alarm
    • Periodical report  NG  Display time-out alarm
    • Display sent/received messages
    • Create/transmit up-link messages on the Data-Link Screen easily
    • Various type of display methods : Time sequencing, Pending, Link, Logging
    • Perform automatic transfer of ATC services

    ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance)

    The ADS is a Surveillance function using data-link.

    CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communication)

    The CPDLC is a Data-link function to support communication between Pilot and Controller.

  2. AFIN / AMH (ATS Message Handling System)
    ATS Message Handling System is communication system to exchange international flight information (time, route etc) and weather information between air control centers and arrival and departure airports.
    The application runs with standard server equipment and OS using X.400-based communication protocol tuned by ICAO is used.