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Financial Solution and Services

As a Fortune 500 global company, NEC Financial Services brings IT expertises and solutions under one roof to solve complex business problems for our clients.

NEC’s biometrics and advanced video analytics solutions enable organisations in the Banking and Commercial sector to provide an enhanced customer experience, improve their operational efficiencies and increase safety and security, through fast and accurate identification of people.

Our solutions can be applied to banks, building societies, financial services organisations and insurance companies and can help to meet increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

Leveraging our extensive global infrastructure and network of offices in more than 20 countries across Asia Pacific including ASEAN countries, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, we provide holistic, robust, mission critical business solutions in financial services industry.

Today, NEC Financial Services is a leader in banking and financial industry provides business consulting, technology, engineering, implementation, outsourcing services and solutions to help clients in over 20 countries build tomorrow’s enterprise.

Many of the Japanese Tier 1 capital megabanks, international banks and local banks rely on us to deliver measurable business value NEC Financial Services takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships for Indonesia’s leading financial institutions such as Bank, multi-finance companies, and insurances in Indonesia.

Who we work with

Through our wide range of biometrics solutions, we work with a diverse range of business in the Banking and Commercial sectors to deliver world-leading solutions. These solutions include Safety and Security, Access and Authentication, Customer Experience and Digital Identity. Globally, we work with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver these solutions and these solutions are also being delivered right here in Indonesia

Find out more about the solutions we are implementing across the Banking, Multi-Finance and Insurances sectors, are as follow:

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

NEC helps to achieve an information society by providing safe, secure, and comfortable environments in the cyber world.

Biometric Solutions

Biometric Solutions

NEC provides a wide range of biometrics solutions to organisations throughout the world.

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Digital Banking Solutions

We believe we can achieve brighter future through collaboration on digital banking.

Why choose NEC for Banking and Financial Industry solutions?

With our wide range of experience globally and an expert team on the ground here in Indonesia, NEC is able to provide outstanding services and solutions to the Banking, Multi-Finance and Insurance sectors. Our biometrics solutions can be tailored to meet the key issues that are faced by organisations in these markets.

NEC’s biometrics can support the following key themes that the banking and financial industry faces:

  • Customer-centric
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Increase the use of digital channels
  • Faster interactions and transactions
  • Reduce operational and regulatory risk
  • Improved security
  • Privacy of customer information (PII)
  • Digital transformation/operational efficiency