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Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Empowered by Innovation, Committed to the Future

Digital transformation is a crucial element for smart manufacturing. The application of AI and IoT technology is increasingly felt necessary to improve the efficiency of the production process for the growth of productivity level.

NEC provides global business systems that leverage our extensive experience in production innovation and creating business platforms as a leading supplier of business management, design, production, supply chain reform, and after-sales service solution.

Digital Solutions

Digital transformation is changing the business model for manufacturing companies and increase efficiency and productivity. Learn more about NEC digital solutions for manufacturing companies based on the advanced technologies innovation knowledge of NEC as the driving force of the digital transformation for the manufacturing companies.

Find out our digital solutions for manufacturing companies:

Business Applications (ERP)

Taking advantage of NEC’s unique methodology through its extensive expertise and experiences on ERP deployment, we support you to implement and roll out your enterprise system globally. You can visualize the management information of not only large entities but also small ones. With that, you can quickly respond to changes in business environment, optimize costs through standardization, and enhance corporate governance.

We provide smooth integration and roll-out of the following Business Applications:

Security Solutions

In the midst of what is termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, safety and security are essential to ensure the effectiveness of productivity in manufacturing plants. NEC's biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud, securing public safety, and improving customer experience across a vast range of locations and industries.

Explore our Security Solutions:

Data Platform Solutions

A highly scalable solution capable of handling enterprise class Big Data workload, and it provides organizations with the right infrastructure to derive accurate data analysis and better business insights. Specially designed high-performance compute and storage infrastructure, optimized for Advance Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence related requirements.

Learn more about our Data Platform Solutions:

  • Pi System


Manufacturing companies are the early adopters of automation, implementing robots and processing lines to perform daily production activities in the plant. In order to achieve automated efficiency in the production line and other areas, the manufacturing industry is increasingly adopting Robotic Process Automation in order to also improve back-office processes.

Explore more to enhance your factory with the following technology:

  • Robotics Process Automation

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