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Citizen Services and Immigration Control

The increased globalization of the economy means more people are on the move, working and living outside of their countries of birth to places where opportunities exist. At the same time, business travel is also on the increase as executives and entrepreneurs seek out new markets and opportunities. All this requires that countries manage their borders well.

Countries need to clear the daily traffic across checkpoints, control contraband, collect duties, and ensure that undesirable elements are kept out. NEC can offer a variety of time-tested solutions to handle these issues. Over the years, NEC has developed various manual and automated border control solutions leveraging on leading-edge biometric technologies, which are also developed by NEC.

Border Control

Most countries today see a massive amount of human and cargo traffic flowing in and out of the country on a daily basis. To manage this, countries have to maintain a delicate balancing act. They need to be able to clear this traffic quickly; however, this speed cannot be at the expense of security. Countries need to be able to keep out contraband and undesirable elements even as they speed legitimate traffic through.

Ensuring fast and effective border control is one of the key steps to ensuring homeland security. NEC has numerous solutions for manual and automated border control solutions leveraging on leading-edge biometric technology.

Using NEC’s automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS), NEC has developed technology, hardware and processes to allow legitimate, registered users to pass through borders swiftly. Legitimate users are quickly and accurately identified and allowed to enter or leave with no fuss. NEC has deployed solutions such as an immigration auto-clearance system and an automated vehicle clearance system in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Travel document

Travel documents such as passports are the foundation of effective border control. Systems that register legitimate users and that can effectively and quickly identify these users as they enter or leave a country allows border control officers to focus their time and attention on non-registered users.

NEC has developed a number of different passport solutions for countries around Asia. They include biometric passports, machine-readable passports and e-passports, as well as a combination of these. These passports rely on using NEC's automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) to identify and verify the holder of the travel document.