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New Normal Solutions

Since its foundation, NEC has always been committed to working to ensure the safety and security of people, promoting fairness in society, and increasing efficiency in economic activities as a social value creation company. In the face of this crisis, we remain true to our purpose, to contribute to society through our activities so as to realize a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

From now on, society as it was, its values and social behavior will need to change, creating a new set of values, "the new normal," which we all need to accept and adapt to.

Taking this new normal into perspective, the NEC aspires to contribute to creating new social value through our activities that include enabling digitalization, online, remote, and touchless initiatives.

Targeted at societies and economies where social distancing is the norm, this new solution will give business owners, building operators and their visitors a visibility of the crowd situation within the facility, either remotely or on-premise, in real-time.

Thermal Screening

Contactless, autonomous and hygenic, NEC’S Thermal Screening Solutions efficiently screen individuals passing through high human traffic facilities, with different options for various environments. NEC’s Thermal Screening Solutions deliver swift and precise results, providing for screening up tp 5 persons at any one time. Combined with our industry-leading, highly accurate facial recognition technologies, NEC’s Thermal Screening Solution promise a fast and accurate matching of faces for people identification and contact tracing purposes, event with mask on.

Result Delivery:

  • Minimize human contact
  • Protect frontline staff
  • Improve efficiency
  • Easy to implement
  • Precise temperature taking
  • Highly accurate face detection
  • Streamline contact tracing process

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People Counting

People Counting or also known as Passer-Counting Systems can be implemented to large areas to know the customer walking behavior which is important for zoning and floor planning. It records the flow of visitors and how long they stand in certain places that placement of promotion items and so on can be done properly.

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Crowd Detection

NEC’s crowd behavior analysis technology provides more precise information on crowd density levels with quantified data including the number of people and the percentage of crowd density. This technology handles a mass of people as a single object, not as a group of individuals. As it won’t detect, track and identify each individual person, it requires no personal data for video analysis. It enables counting the number of people in a larger group and where people’s figures are overlapped in an image and also provides data of the specified and the entire areas in an image. This technology is applicable for cameras that are already installed, instead of requiring new ones.

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