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SDN / NFV Solutions


NEC/Netcracker helps service providers make the transition to virtualized networks and services with an award-winning SDN/NFV solutions portfolio. Designed to combat the key challenges of commercialization, multivendor services and optimal efficiency, the NEC/Netcracker SDN/NFV solutions portfolio utilizes both NEC's and Netcracker's global scale and record of delivering innovation in networking, IT solutions and strategic transformation for service providers of all sizes around the world.


NEC/Netcracker's ETSI-compliant NFV Management & Orchestration offering fills the gaps in current solutions by automating operations and reducing time-to-market for new virtualized services. It helps you move to the cloud by solving operational issues regarding network functions virtualization. It also provides vendor-agnostic VNF onboarding, interoperability, scalability, security, accounting and licensing.

NaaS Solutions

NaaS (Network as a Service) Solution focuses on helping service providers create new revenue in both enterprise and residential markets.

Transport SDN Solution

Transport SDN Solution automates operation of telecom carrier's transport network and supports dynamic network reconfigurations.

Virtual Core Services Solution

Virtual Core Services Solution can build efficient core network services on virtual platform, and realizes rapid delivery of virtualized purpose built network for new service. 

Traffic Management Solution

TMS (Traffic Management Solution), through implementation of various solutions, to improve customer experience and provide comfortable environment for end users.
The solution helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs)  to increase internet usage, reduce CAPEX/OPEX and to generate new revenue streams to maximizing Return on Investment (ROI).

The service analyzes information provided by (CSPs) to detect the trends, characteristics and abnormalities in network data traffic. Based on analytic results, NEC conducts consultation under four subjects: network data traffic optimization, customer support, security diagnosis, and marketing. Under this service, NEC also provides end-to-end support in designing, configuring and adjusting networks to help CSPs optimize their network investment and operating cost, while achieving more efficient business operations.

In order to survive and thrive in this fast-paced and ever competitive market environment, CSPs around the globe are in desperate need to meet the challenges of "increasing revenue", "reducing CAPEX/OPEX" and "generating new revenue resources". Network of LTE/4G is penetrating and a new tariff plan is released, but ARPU doesn't improve as expected. Traffic is increasing and network cost is boosted.New services such as IoT and security are emerging and network architecture becomes complicated. Yes, these are just a portion of CSPs' "pain iceberg". NEC's TMS (Traffic Management Solution) has all the answers to melt CSPs' "pain iceberg".