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Smart Transportation

Creating Smart, Safe, Seamless & Convenient Public Transportation Systems for Everyone

Recognizing the need for safe, secure and seamless smart transportation systems, we have developed a portfolio of solutions which can help governments manage traffic congestion using technologies such as AI and IoT. NEC`s smart transportation systems can be utilized in differing sectors including air travel, rail and road vehicle scenarios. Our numerous transportation solutions have been deployed by local authorities around the world who are upgrading their infrastructures with a view in improving the overall public transportation experience to encourage travellers and commuters in leaving their cars at home.

Automated Vehicle Location
NEC’s automatic vehicle locating system is built to gather real time information of the buses travelling on the route. Based on this data gathered, information to passengers is passed on through displays at stops, inside the buses as well as through websites and mobile applications. The collected data helps public transport operators with effective information for fleet planning, performance measurement, monitoring fleet location and delivering new and improved services.


Passenger Information System
As the name suggests passenger information system primarily focusses on providing information to the passenger traveling on the buses. The information to the passenger is passed on through displays at bus stops indicating the timings, routes etc., displays inside the buses, as well as journey planners and estimated time of arrival through mobile applications and websites.


Depot Management System
Depot Management System (DMS) is envisioned to automate the depot operation for public transit system. Depot operation in summary is to record, update and manage manual activities that take place to efficiently operate the fleet - starting with when a bus, crew enters (checks in or reports to) the Depot and ends with the bus or crew leaving the depot.


Vehicle Planning, Scheduling and Dispatching
Vehicle Planning Scheduling and Dispatch (VPSD) system is to enable / help Transport planners in performing following tasks efficiently and effectively. NEC’s VPSD system provides a mechanism where business users can create vehicle schedules and crew duties for multiple routes.


Automated Fare Collection
NEC provides transit agencies such as bus and railway operators with automated fare collection system leveraged by contactless smart card with IC chip equipped. The system realizes accurate and reliable fare collection, contributing towards stable and productive business. Also, NEC offers from light AFC to large scale AFC with clearing and interoperability, in accordance with the development process of public transportation.


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