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Comprehensive Retail Solution

NEC offers one-stop support processes for distinctive shopping mall operations


The fact that Indonesia is a young age society with huge number of middle class has led AEON mall to open the first Japanese shopping mall in Indonesia on May 30th, 2015. A huge crowd of 85 thousand people visited in the opening day, while some 4,000 people working at the mall.
"NEC plays important role in creating distinction that makes AEON mall attract big attention from local society," says Mr. Daisuke Isobe, General Manager of Mall Operation Department of PT AMSL INDONESIA that run AEON mall in Indonesia.
Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country of around 255 million strong populations. In the greater Jakarta alone, where AEON mall located, there are 77 existing shopping malls serving some 23 million inhabitants.


Photo: Daisuke IsobeDaisuke Isobe
General Manager

With a background of very diverse ethnic groups,  AMSL's plan to open 20 new shopping malls in Indonesia is a great challenge. There are 1,128 existing ethnic groups, probably the diverse in the world, in Indonesia. Thus, differences in the region are often characterized by the presence of different ethnic groups, which are often followed by distinctive behavior and taste.  
Therefore, NEC has begun setting up various cutting edge ICT solutions to capture the taste and behavior of Indonesian. Hence, NEC provide AEON mall with a range of solution including advanced CCTV systems, passer counting systems, facial recognition video analytics, and IP telephony infrastructure systems.
The solutions are also designated to fulfill AEON mall 'distinction' strategy to win the increasingly tight competition in shopping mall businesses. NEC solution is basically aimed at creating a specific atmosphere to make visitors feel at home and safe.  Atmosphere where visitors can easily find goods to be purchased, places of interest to visit, and will soon get help when facing a problem including criminal nature.

Other priority is demand of tenants for effective ICT solution to facilitate business, and protect them from loss caused by deliberate recklessness or not. It is no secret that shop owners throughout the word have been facing increasingly sophisticated fraud techniques.


Such a complex situation requires highly reliable ICT installation. Up for this, NEC provides AEON mall with advanced integrated e-money solution or cashless system that based on cloud computing, cards, and payment terminals. NEC provides all necessary system and components for every customer adopting E-Money.
On top of it, NEC provides servers to manage prepaid transactions, balances and user accounts; payment terminals that work with contactless cards and support for customer relationship management (CRM) functions.
As a result, the cashless system capable of reducing queues at the cash register since the transaction process is fast, making customers buy more; recording purchase history to create more effective promotion; making pickpocketing difficult since a piece of card can replace many banknotes and coins.
NEC also provides AEON mall with multi-purpose monitoring system called CCTV/Field Analyst and passer count that reliable to observe the shopping habit of, flow of, and the age and gender of visitors. Such system works quickly, accurately, and adaptable since it can be connected to other real-time analysis or reaction-based solutions.
Isobe explains the technology is more beneficial as the Passer-Counting Systems can be implemented to large areas to know the customer walking behavior which is important for zoning and floor planning. "It records the flow of visitors and how long they stand in certain places that placement of promotion items and so on can be done properly," he says.
Equally important is security solutions that compatible with cutting edge CCTV camera such as metal detector, security gates, and communications system connecting every security officer to each other and management. Hence, a fast reaction can be taken anytime a trouble broke out.


AEON mall has the advantage in the field of ICT, which can be relied on regarding its expansion in Indonesia. So that it can quickly expand its market share amid a growing competition. Armed with the information provided by NEC solutions, AEON mall's management and tenants can quickly draw up an appropriate strategy to satisfy the visitors, and to encourage them to spend more money.
Tenants will be willing to pay the rent even more expensive in return of accurate information to improve marketing effectiveness, and crime prevention. As such they would realize ICT for great management and marketing tools.
In the end, visitors will come back more often and spend more time in AEON mall. Thanks to cutting-edge ICT of NEC, the visitors feel more freedom, safe, and convenient shopping in AEON mall since everything is well monitored and organized.
"So far we are comfortable with NEC. Not just because of sophisticated technology but its' high agility in responding any problem we've ever faced," Isobe says.


PT AMSL INDONESIA is a joint venture company between AEON Mall Co. Ltd. of Japan and its' local partner PT Sinar Mas Land. The company began operations in 2012.

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