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PVR Retail Solution Enhancing customer experience with innovative integrated retail solutions.



PVR, one of India’s premium and preferred retail entertainment company with leadership position in film exhibition, distribution and production is now streamlining its retail function with NEC’s state-of-the-art integrated retail solutions. These solutions empower PVR to enhance customer experience through better payment mechanisms and streamline its retail functions at a radically low total cost of ownership (TCO) through its exceptional serviceability and reliability


photo: Pramod Arora
Pramod Arora
Group President & CEO, PVR Ltd.
  The company's long-term vision is to remain India's premium and most preferred retail entertainment company. To achieve this vision, PVR will continue to provide the highest exhibition standards at its cinemas besides increasing the number of cinemas under operation on a pan India basis. PVR will further look forward to bringing allied retail entertainment concepts to complement and complete the entertainment experience for its patrons.

Like any other industry, opportunities and challenges in the entertainment sector are equally predominant. To streamline operations, simplify billing and reduce the total cost of ownership are some of the critical requirements an entertainment player has. Pramod Arora, Group President & CEO, PVR Ltd. said, “ What we were looking for was a comprehensive retail solution which could empower our customers through their smart devices for making payments, and also simplify our billing.” Complication in billing and making a process faster are some of challenges.


photo: Amit Bhatia
Amit Bhatia
Head-retail solutions,
NEC India
  The best way to attract customers is to reach out them through their mobile devices and reduce the need for burdensome plastic cards. NEC helped PVR introduce payment mechanism on the handset of their customers through NEC’s integrated e-money solution using NFC(Near Field Communication) as a technology.

This PVR application has been bolstered by NEC which is the supporting backend provider for the mobile wallet. NEC has provided an end-to-end cloud-based e-payment system called as integrated e-money server to PVR that integrates itself facilitating interactivity between devices (the NFC enabled phone and PVR wallet access), for any monetary transactions. The customers do not have to fetch the credit/ debit card while making payment. They just need to tap the phone at the readers installed at specific PVR locations. Once the customer taps the phone, booked amount gets deducted from the mobile wallet. Amit Bhatia , Head of Retail NEC India explains: “ For customers it is easy, convenient plus secure to use. For PVR they have seen increase in their online sales booking using NFC .”

The integrated electronic money solution provides customers with servers to manage prepaid transactions, balances and user accounts, and also support for customer relationship management (CRM) functions. Customers, typically retailers can select the features they require from a variety of services. PVR saw this use of NFC technology as the something which could be the core of its customer loyalty programme, along with differentiating it from the competition. PVR cinemas installed this technology across 15 cities allowing movie goers ‘tap & pay’ for movie tickets and refreshments without using paper or even plastic money.

In addition to this PVR has also deployed NEC’s G series POS solution to reduce check out time by using point of sale solutions that make billing faster.

NEC provides all of the necessary components for a complete e-money service, including e-money servers, e-money payment terminals, and e-money media. NEC can also provide a solution that customers may also select functions that fit their specific needs. Services are provided over the cloud, enabling quick launch of private brand e-money services, also a wide range of media can be used for e-money payments, from smartphones to contactless IC cards, and barcodes.




Needless to say the solution perfectly fitted the requirements of PVR. By reserving tickets and refreshments in advance, customers can plan their activities as per their convenience. Waiting time is reduced and they can also enjoy the benefits of loyalty programs through their smart devices.

Also, the integrated retail solution allows PVR to streamline processes by using cutting edge and advanced IT solutions to optimize resources and be able to achieve a rise in profit.
“With the usage of this NFC enabled mobile wallet we have been able to reduce transaction time by 80% as compared to transactions made through any other traditional payment methods.” Pramod Arora ,Group President &CEO said,.

“PVR has always been a market leader in technology innovation in lieu of providing the very best experience to the consumers. We are excited to launch the ‘NFC enabled PVR wallet’ app with NEC for the latest smart phones in the market. Also, with the launch of this latest application, PVR reiterates commitment to provide consumers the latest in technology and innovative features making lives of movie lovers simpler, faster and worthwhile.”

The utility of this solution is expected to grow when the NFC wallet functionality is extended to all smart devices. This could redefine mobility and customer experience. At the same time companies aim to strengthen its foothold in the entertainment, gaming & F&B industry, these verticals hold immense potential in India and NEC is committed to helping brands adopt technology to enhance the customer experience like never before.

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