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SL2100 Communications System

Built-in Brilliance

The way we do business and communicate is changing rapidly. Mobility is expected, customer expectations have soared and productivity is essential. The SL2100 galvanises your team - creating a positive customer experience that generates repeat business.

Why Choose SL2100

With VoIP capabilities built right in, the SL2100 puts Unified Communications (UC) within reach of small businesses, yet still provides superior support for traditional telephony; ensuring total flexibility for every deployment.

Your business can’t afford downtime, nor can your communications. The SL2100 provides a reliable ‘always on’ solution. Designed to minimise maintenance and built with minimal hardware & licences; you have little to worry about.

Value for Money

Powerful communications with a small price tag the SL2100 allows you to only pay for what you need, without recurring licensing costs.

Stay Connected

Single number reach, smartphone apps, built-in web based conferencing and unified messaging keeps colleagues and customers up-to-date and connected.

Easy to Use

Intuitive applications and features your whole team can easily use - enabling them to be more productive.

Safety First

Built-in apps like InGuard can be configured to help protect your business from malicious toll fraud attacks.

Built-in Features Include:

  • *

    Unified messaging

  • *

    Music on hold

  • *
    Mobility / BYOD / home-working
  • *
  • *
    Audio conferencing
  • *
    Video conferencing & collaboration (licence required)
  • *
    Mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • *

    and more!

SL2100 System Overview

Built-in Applications

InUC – Web conferencing
InUC also offers the ability for your employees to hold engaging video conferencing, collaboration and document sharing sessions with other employees or people outside your organisation, like your customers and business partners.
Utilising WebRTC (Real-Time Communications), InUC provides highly cost-effective video and collaboration working seamlessly within your IT environment.

InGuard – Toll fraud protection

InGuard is an effective, low cost solution to help protect a business against the rise of toll fraud attacks. Toll fraud is a fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system. Attacks are often highly organised from an automated server and once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected and over a period of time, can run up call charges of potentially thousands. Typically, these occur out of office hours and are usually not discovered until it is too late.