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Carrier’s Network O&M Support

  • Operation and Maintenance Support
    • System Support
      To maintain availability and reliability of network operation, NEC offers system support that contains several services and provided by a professional organization with expert for every kind of services. By this service NEC will help in every technical matter, assists you in operating of your network, giving right solution for emergency situations, and provides software update to ensure the network already uses the latest one. Benefits:
      • Reduce lost caused by network interruption
      • Improve network performance.
      • Cost reduction
      • Keep good SLA
    • Preventive Maintenance
      Preventive Maintenance ensures the good network healthy, monitoring, data base management by routine checking process, execute right action to prevent potential problem become a problem in the future. Benefits:
      • Reduce operating risk
      • Cost reduction
      • Improvement of network quality.
    • Spare Part Management Service
      By Spare Part Management Service, you can optimize your network to reach highest achievement as planned while NEC provide full support in availability of the spare part, minimize down time caused by hardware failures. Benefits:
      • Safe cost for spare part ownership
      • Network availability improvement
    • Transfer Knowledge
      Transfer Knowledge is aim to have competence persons in operational efficiency manner. Training program, on the job training, workshop provided by NEC are the right ways to realize that. Benefits:
      • Investment value
      • Competence Improvement