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Saitekika – Mobile Network Optimization

NEC is a leader in professional services as well as network equipment. Our services deliver quantifiable value to the customer. From small, high-value projects to fully-outsourced and managed turnkey networks, your best solution starts with NEC. Our professional services including Consulting, Design Planning, Build, Operation, Optimize, Maintenance, Technical Support, Education & Training and 3D Radio Propagation Simulator.

Services for Optimizing Network Performance

NEC's field-proven and exclusive methodology for network optimization is based on our global experience in large-scale network projects. Our methodology enables your network to deliver its maximum possible performance. The results are higher levels of customer satisfaction, better quality of service, and significant reductions in customer churn.

The roadmap to introduce the 3G UMTS Radio Access Network (RAN) is roughly divided into four phases: coverage design, system installation, RAN tuning and area patrol. NEC specifically conceptualises the two phases of optimization, i.e., RAN tuning and area patrol, as "SAITEKIKA" in order to differentiate NEC's unique services from those of other vendors. W-CARD aims to be a network lifecycle partner, providing technical support across all of the phases, except system installation*.

* System installation shall be carried out by customers or discussed separately.

Total Project Support Solution: Coverage DesignTotal Project Support Solution: Coverage Design

At the initial stage of mobile network planning, coverage and capacity issues are costly and of primary concern because of their importance to network performance after service launch. W-CARD offers automatic calculation and analysis features allowing network designers to quickly deploy sites, and predict coverage & required capacity using input data such as map data, traffic models and various parameters.


Today's mobile network leaves no room to question the importance of performance optimization. The network operators' attention is now focused on selecting the best solution to help them optimize the network performance for maximum potential.

RAN SAITEKIKA represents NEC's extensive approach to improving service quality as experienced by mobile users and to maximising network performance in terms of coverage and capacity. Its concept relies on "area management" that is a "real RF environment" oriented and measurement data based approach. Apart from the popular performance counter based approach that is end user satisfactory oriented, area management aims at network-wide performance improvement through solution finding for individual problems arising from the real RF environment.

The goal of RAN SAITEKIKA is to assist network operators in securing mobile user satisfaction and retention, minimise network operating costs, and maximise the efficient use of invested funds.

RAN Tuning

The phase of RAN SAITEKIKA prior to service launch, is denoted as "RAN tuning". Toward the service launch, the primary concern of the customers resides in ensuring seamless service continuity and timely service launch. To meet customers' requirements, NEC provides optimization services focused on evaluating and improving the planned coverage in a quick and secure manner.

Area Patrol

Throughout the lifetime of a W-CDMA network, the network performance is constantly challenged by trade-offs among coverage, capacity and quality. Because of this, the network needs ongoing permanent maintenance and monitoring. NEC specifically denotes the maintenance and monitoring activities after service launch as "area patrol". Compared with the RAN tuning, the focus shifts to coverage maintenance and feasibility assessment for network upgrading.