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Physical Security



Biometrics has been widely used in today’s security society, replacing a traditional Key and locks or a more advanced electronically controlled PIN pad. The advantages of biometrics technology are to enhance security and avoid security forgery. Every human has its unique biometrics image, Finger prints, Retina scan, and now Hand vascular pattern recognition. The traditional key and lock system can be installed by anyone with ease and just as easily replaced or broken into. Access cards and pin numbers are more expensive and need to be installed by specific vendors, extra skills, but they provide a higher level of security because they are harder to duplicate.


One of the unique biometrics recognition technologies is hand vascular pattern recognition Using near-infrared light, reflected or transmitted images of blood vessels of a hand or finger are derived and used for personal recognition. Unlike other biometrics system, this kind has more advantages: Difficult to forge - because vascular pattern are inside the hands, it detects blood pulse/flow inside the veins to register an image

Contact-less – It uses Infra red, so its contact-less which addresses more hygiene concerns. One to One and One to Many matching — Users’ vascular patterns are matched against personalized ID cards/smart cards or against a database of many scanned vascular patterns.

Real Life application: It is deployed in ATMs, hospitals, and universities in Japan. Applications include ID verification, high security physical access control, high security network data access, and POS access control located at retail merchant.


Iris recognition is an accurate, stable, scalable and non-invasive human authentication technology, designed to provide positive identification and verification of individuals. It is also scientifically proven to be safe and operationally reliable.


Iris recognition solutions offer long term stability i.e. irises remain stable from 6 months of age to death:

  • Never have to re-enroll participants
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Accessibility - image is easily captured
  • Non-intrusive - no contact required
  • Non-redundant image pattern
  • Contact-less for a hygiene concern
Real life application:

  • Mainly used for border control / Immigration in some Airports
  • As an access control in highly secured buildings and important premises
  • ATM as a user authentication