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NEC's Airport Solutions

GFLAIDS (Global Flight and Airport Information System) / FIDS (Flight Information Display System)

Global Flight and Airport Information Display System is application software developed by NEC for Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS). It runs on a standard OS and multi-purpose equipment like a Windows server.

Information displays guide passengers from the entrance of the departure airport to the exit of the arrival airport.
When you arrive at an airport, you may first see the main departure board and then find the check-in counter.
Next, you’ll check the gate information and boarding gate board. And you may see updated departure information before you are on board.

After arriving at the airport for a transfer or the final destination, the gate and baggage conveyor boards help you get to the right place.

If someone picks you up at the arrival airport, he or she should check the arrival board to confirm the arrival time and your exit number.

There are two essential requirements for a FIDS:

  1. Provide accurate and clear information for users (administrators, airport staff, passengers, and those who send off and pick up passengers).
  2. Provide high reliability to ensure non-stop operation 24/7.

A FIDS with GFLAIDS satisfies these two requirements with high scalability, flexibility, and reliability.

Features of GFLAIDS:

  • Many Types of Multi-Purpose Display Devices Are Applicable
  • Flexible and Eye-Catching Displays of Information by Using the Latest Multi-Purpose Display Devices
  • Various contents for REMARKS
  • Running characters into tickers across the bottom of a display
  • Fail-soft function to continue operation if there are any problems in the display
  • Advertisement on a display
  • Flight information on the web
  • Emergency message notification
  • Easy Operation from Airline Console
  • Low Operating Cost (Addition of Airline, Destination, etc)
  • Low Operating Cost (Less Power Consumption)
  • High Visibility (with a Universal Design approach)

With GFLAIDS, the FIDS gets :

  • HIGH SCALABILITY for an airport of any size - Cost-effective and designed with the best match
  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY of maintenance and expansion - Easy construction, operation, and administration at low cost
  • HIGH RELIABILITY with self-developed hardware and application software - Synergetic and speedy implementation and support service

Stand Management System

  • Display of time table for public transportation.
  • Operation information (Accident / delay information etc)
  • Linkage with mission critical system
  • Advertisement display
  • One-to-many hub
  • The number of equipment will be large
  • The setting of in-car display

Intelligent Surveillance System

Intelligent Video Surveillance

  • Vidient’s SmartCatch ®
  • Video Analytics to auto detect ‘events of interests’
  • 12 Behaviors to promote situational awareness:
  • Integrates with other Security Systems like Radar, Tracking Systems, CCTV, etc

Vidient’s SmartCatch ®, the most comprehensive, accurate and advance intelligent surveillance software with its true behavior recognition can detect suspicious behaviors, real-time alert for effective response.

Available Behavior Recognition Modules :

  1. Crowd Detection
  2. Exit Lane
  3. Human Tailgating
  4. Loitering
  5. Perimeter Intrusion
  6. Removed Objects
  7. Stopped Vehicle
  8. Turnstile Violation
  9. Unattended Objects
  10. Vehicle Tailgating
  11. Human Counting
  12. PTZ Object Tracking

Access Control

  • Face recognition
  • Finger prints identification
  • Iris recognition
  • Hand Vein recognition

Airport Commercial Digital Signage

NEC provides digital signage for variety usages:

  • Floor information
  • Goods information
  • Effective information display of limited offer
  • Advertisement display of suppliers
  • Multi-store system or single store
  • Reluctant to invest in facilities because of depression in this industry
  • Penetration of IT is later than we expects
  • The establishment of LAN and display is problem