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Mobile Retail System

NEC also provides mobile retail system for direct transaction and payment:

  1. Mobile Sales Force Automation                       :           handyOrder
  2. Mobile Field Service Force Automation          :           handyService
1. Mobile Sales Force Automation (handyOrder)

Mobile SFA (handyOrder)Mobile SFA (handyOrder)

A Mobile Sales Force Automation solution developed specifically for companies to enable the sales force to perform on-line real-time.

  • Order Taking, Inventory Checking, Payment Collection, immediate printings of sales order/receipt & etc.

Addresses the current difficulties such as:

  • Delay in submitting and processing sales orders.
  • Unable to know the latest inventory level.
  • Unable to know customer info such as Credit Limit, Aging, Sales History
  • Payment collection not updated
  • Error in data input & duplicate data entry

Mobile SFA (handyOrder)Mobile SFA (handyOrder)

2. Mobile Field Service Force Automation (handyService)

Mobile Field Service Force Automation (handyService)Mobile Field Service Force Automation (handyService)

A Mobile Field Service Automation Solution developed specifically for Field Service Professionals to help streamline on-line real-time,

  • Job dispatch, Scheduling, job status update, immediate printing of service job form & etc.

Addresses the current difficulties such as:

  • Manual process - duplicate data entry à mistake
  • Delay in billing/invoicing
  • Delay in update service status
  • Long/slow service response time
  • High telecommunication cost/High traveling cost
  • Unable to access real-time information such as part inventory level

Mobile Field Sales Force Automation (handyService)Mobile Field Sales Force Automation (handyService)