NEC at a Glance

A global co-creator of advanced technology solutions for secure societies and satisfied citizens

Our Company

Our 105,276 talented employees worldwide create new value every day

Revenue:USD 22.98 billion
Group Companies:254

Revenue:USD 24.69 billion


Group Companies:284

As of March 31, 2024

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    USD yen equivalent calculated at USD1=151.31 yen

Global Network

Our 254 group companies do business in more than 50 countries

North America:22, Latin America:13, Africa:15, Middle East:5, Europe:78, Asia-Pacific:62, Japan:59

As of March 31,2024


Revenue Sources

Consolidated Revenue:USD 22.98 billion, IT Services Business:55%(USD 12.64 billion), Social Infrastructure Business:31%(USD 7.12 billion), Others:14%(USD 3.22 billion)

Result for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2024

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    USD yen equivalent calculated at USD1=151.31 yen


Forefront development of cutting-edge IT and network communications, biometric recognition, and IoT and AI technologies.
A leader in ICT solutions since 1899, NEC applies its long-term IT and network expertise to tailoring today’s data-driven technologies.
Scale doesn't scare us. We tailor many familiar and future solutions for the data-driven era and innovate global social infrastructure.
Reliable NEC solutions are successfully serving many future-looking companies, nations, smart cities and developing communities across the globe.

5. A globally recognized innovator

Recognized in Top 100 Global Innovators for 13 consecutive years.

Committed to the innovation of advanced social infrastructure that guarantees safety, security, efficiency and equality for all.
Our 105,276 employees worldwide work closely with local customers in more than 50 countries and coordinate multinational partners to tailor the best solutions.

8. Boast around 42,000 patents

Our 42,000 patents prove we often get there first, and provide clients with a wealth of unique cutting-edge technologies.
Seek to reduce the environmental impact of our business and broader society by providing smart, environment-conscious products and services.
Partner with the UN and international organizations to solve challenging social issues and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

As of March 31, 2024


Extensive business reach


Research & Development

NEC’s research laboratories are responsible for strengthening the technology competencies of the NEC Group.

Takes the Central role in NEC R&D, focusing on AI(recognition, analysis), Security, ICT platform, and other cutting-edge technologies, Such as Quantum computing.

  • Recognition AI
  • Analytics AI
  • Control AI
  • Security
  • Networks
  • System Platforms

Development of cutting-edge core technologies

  • Optical networking and sensing
  • 5G wireless networking and sensing
  • Complex systems analytics and security
  • Machine learning tools and applications
  • Media analytics and understanding
  • 5G systems, applications, and platforms

Development of core technologies in AI and NW

  • Wireless communication technologies research for advanced standards
  • 3GPP standardization
  • Causal discovery and causal inference
  • Causal reinforcement learning for decision-making optimization
  • Data-model influence learning
  • Bayesian uncertainty inference

R&D through EU projects and standardization activities

  • Core and applied machine learning
  • 6G networks
  • Biomedical AI
  • Safe AI
  • Blockchain
  • AI computing platforms

Create core technologies to address the challenges of emerging countries

  • Video object recognition
  • Recognition of characters printed on various surfaces
  • Predictive analysis, predictive optimization
  • Time-series signal analysis/understanding
  • Causality analysis of incidents
  • Risk analysis, risk prediction

Co-creation of innovative solutions with customers and partners, mainly for developed countries.

  • Video/image data mining to provide actionable insights
  • Hand movement analysis to derive cycle time
  • Vision-based behavior/action recognition
  • Predictive analytics with heterogeneous data
  • Muscle strength analysis with electromyography (EMG) Sensor

Promote marketing-type research.

  • Edge AI
  • AI enabled by new imaging technologies
  • Cyber defense
  • Healthcare AI