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Message from Our President Director

Welcome to the official homepage of PT. NEC Indonesia - a leading one-stop solutions provider that strives to contribute to the developments and enhancements of information and communication network of Indonesia.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continuous support and faith in NEC technologies and solutions. If you have been one of them, we hope that our solutions and services have helped you to reach your corporate and/or individual goals.

For many years, PT. NEC Indonesia has been delivering the latest technologies developed by NEC Corporation and localizing it by rendering tailor-made solutions to fulfill the specific needs of the Indonesian market. Our business is growing, which is proved by many orders and projects received and covering almost over Indonesia areas including remote sites. We are expanding our business with the expansion of our products and services as a total solutions provider.

By this website, we wish to present our company and our business which may bring you more insight of what we can provide and contribute to your business and operations. As a company with customer-focused business that strives to create and to develop products and services beyond expectations, hence, we dedicate this website to promote and create more interactions and understandings with customers as well as facilitating partnerships and collaborations.

Customer satisfaction is our aim. As we provide qualified products, our service is not stop until the completion of work but it continues to the warranty period and after sales service by delivering qualified customer service to assure our continuous support through our Customer Service Department for Carriers and Network Service and NECare Centre for corporate customers.

Another added value in our business is our close relationship with local communities. We believe that company is a member of society, and society allows the company to exist. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is designed within a frame work known as "NEC Makes a Difference Drive" which guided by NEC Group philosophy for social contributions activities "Nature, Education & Community: The Heart of NEC".  During the past years, we have been working hand-in-hand with local organizations to actively participate in many social issues in the community.  Our basic principle is we conduct social programs that can allow the community to run and to continue the programs for long period of time and give opportunities to the community to raise their living standard. For example, in 2008, we offered support to a poverty-stricken fishing village by medicinal herbs plantation and taught them how to compost raw garbage and use it as a fertilizer in growing plants. We renovated their public library and donated books, and also providing free health check to 287 villagers.

Empowering the people and society through innovations is our mission. Hence we will stay committed to empowering the Indonesian people and society through our continuous innovation. Customer's response and feedback are needed to develop NEC technologies and solutions, and then we can strive to build an information society that is friendly to human and earth.