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Information Management

Information technology plays a vital role in ensuring security. With their dependence on new technologies, modern, connected societies have become highly vulnerable to threats in the virtual world. The threats are real and if not managed, will impact the proper functioning and security of cities and countries. NEC offers complete solutions to governments and enterprises to shield themselves from the threat of digital disruption.

By leveraging on the right solutions, governments are able to be forewarned ahead of security threats and can thus make preparations to face these threats. The forewarning comes from having data and from having the ability to analyze the data.

With our partners, NEC offers more typical IT security solutions such as network security implementations that set up firewalls, intrusion detection sensors and intrusion prevention measures. Hardening networks to prevent hacking or virus attacks is something that NEC has much experience in.

Countries need to clear the daily traffic across checkpoints, control contraband, collect duties, and ensure that undesirable elements are kept out. NEC can offer a variety of time-tested solutions to handle these issues. Over the years, NEC has developed various manual and automated border control solutions leveraging on leading-edge biometric technologies, which are also developed by NEC.

Information security

User Management & Control System

Computer systems have shown themselves to be extremely vulnerable. Data often gets leaked when mobile devices are lost. Meanwhile, back at the office, criminal groups attempt to hack into systems to obtain valuable information. And through all this, organizations have to defend themselves against daily assault by attacks from viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

To protect information in the enterprise, NEC's user management and control system ensures that only legitimate users have access to the data and that access is further managed so that information is only available based on access privileges.

User access control relies on an authentication platform guided by the principle of information being distributed on a need-to-know basis. Access is granted based on role, not individuals.

PC & Network Protection

At the PC level, NEC's information security platform ensures patches are up-to-date and all PCs are armed with anti-virus and anti-spam ware solutions. On network side, NEC provides intrusion detection at the server level and the network level. NEC's solutions are also able to anticipate and respond to distributed denial of service attacks.

To enhance security, NEC is able to provide centralized management of network mapping, instead of the traditional approach of individual router management.

Information Protection at the Enterprise

At the enterprise level, NEC provides thin clients which are more secure than traditional workstations because patches are performed centrally. NEC also has solutions for secure email distribution that classifies outgoing emails. Emails with sensitive data have a two-stage delivery process so that approval has to be given before that email can be sent out.

Enterprises frequently need to distribute very large files to individuals but they need to do this in a way that does not compromise security. Email is not practical because of size while USB sticks are handy but not secure. NEC offers a secure information exchange site that allows individuals to exchange large files using a secure centralized repository instead.

Information Protection at the PC Level

On the PC, NEC has solutions to ensure that data residing on devices is not wrongfully distributed, whether accidentally or deliberately. Portable devices such as laptops are typical weak points in the enterprise because of their mobility and portability.

The InfoCage PC Security system encrypts the hard drive so that if it falls into the wrong hands, the information cannot be accessed without a password. USB flash drives are particularly vulnerable as these are small and easy to hide. InfoCage is able to restrict the use of external storage media so that only previously qualified external storage devices can access the data. Finally, all actions are logged so that in the event of a leak, administrators are able to trace the source of the leak.

NEC's Policy Receipt Client ensures that enterprise PCs have policies that can be pushed down to individual workstations. These policies determine what features of the PC that can be accessed. Finally, Files Access Control Management automatically scans the PC and encrypts individual files for another level of security.

Knowladge Management

Database Management

Proper database management will keep your database in best condition while allowing you to fully utilize your computing resources. Our database management team delivers quality service and expertise that can assure you of your database's integrity and security.

We provide a comprehensive range of database administration and management services including:

* Database Setup and Configuration
* Backup and Recovery Management
* Database Maintenance
* Production Support
* Database Hardening
* Database Migration
* General Connectivity Configuration

On top of that, we will also manage your data centre outsourcing and distributed server management needs.