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Data Platform Solutions

Having the big data for resolving many complex and changing issues.

The world is facing difficult challenges starting with how to feed its rapidly increasing global population. Other problems are the shortages in energy resources, advancing global warming and the resulting increase in natural disasters, and aging social infrastructure. The utilization of big data is seen as a means of resolving many of these complex and changing issues.

NEC has accumulated a wealth of AI knowledge which we use to provide big data solutions that leverage our advanced analysis technologies. Our state-of-the-art analysis platforms and technical support services provide the foundation our customers need to effectively utilize big data.

Pi System :  trusted and high-quality data operations

NEC’s data platform solutions gather and unify countless systems, sensors, and devices throughout organizations to feed analytics, provide insights into operations, and empower data driven decision making. With each system having its own storage protocols, naming conventions, and connectivity standards; collecting, combining, and delivering data where and when it's need is a challenge. NEC’s data platform solutions (a partnership with OSIsoft) unlock those challenges by automatically collecting it from various sources and seamlessly delivering it to the users and systems who need it.

Features and Benefits

  • The system collects data from systems and sensors throughout your enterprise and deliver that data to the server.

  • Integrating Business Systems. The system integrates your data and deliver it in a consumable format that 3rd-party systems can use. We also create bridge between the systems that handles behind the scenes data management to deliver high performance, accurate, information while ensuring efficient integration.

  • Sharing Data Individuals and companies outside of your organization, from suppliers to business partners to customers, regularly need data from your operations. We provide a simple, secure, and reliable cloud-based solution. With a simple, secure, way to share data with any company or customer who needs it, your data can be used to:
    • Improve customer relations.
    • Optimize part delivery.
    • Improve cross-company collaboration.
    • Leverage manufacturer insights to improve asset health.
  • Extending Your Data. It gives you a library of tools for building custom applications. Using NEC’s data platform solutions, you can:
    • Deliver data to proprietary systems.
    • Perform custom analyses and transformations on your data.

Data driven organizations need data everywhere to better understand operations, investigate issues, identify areas for improvement, ensure compliance with regulations, minimize costs, achieve corporate initiatives, and more. NEC’s data platform solutions unlock the full potential of your data by gathering it from whatever source system creates it (regardless of the age, speed, protocols, or location of that asset) and delivering it to the Server where it's quickly and intuitively available to all your users.

NEC’s data platform solutions deliver your data to custom applications, third party systems, and business partners, improving information sharing both inside and outside your organization. With the freedom to easily and securely deliver information whenever and wherever it's needed, users can leverage your data to facilitate data driven decisions and achieve new levels of operational insight and intelligence.

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