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Manufacturing Solutions

NEC provides global business systems that leverage our extensive experience in production innovation and creating business platforms as a leading supplier of business management, design, production, supply chain reform, and after-sales service solution.

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NEC offers solutions for various manufacturing styles like engineering to order, making to order, making for stock and pull-type manufacturing. Global ERP, also covering maintenance areas, strengthens response power to the fast-changing global market and increases revenue by realizing stock reduction, cost saving, shortened lead time, quality management and traceability.
NEC is the leading SAP partner in Japan as well as one of the largest companies running SAP with 100,000 users. Since 2008, NEC has been engaged in using SAP to create a global platform to advance innovations in business processes at all NEC Group companies. By leveraging internal expertise gained by using SAP capabilities in-house, NEC provides a one-stop solution to help enhance the global management of the customer’s business.
IOT IoT platform is provided, delivering superior connectivity for diverse products and offering a variety of services that can be expanded. NEC supports clients consistently from the business model perspective, service structure to operation. New value will be created within the business model over the entire product/service life cycle.

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