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Smart Retail Solution

As a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies with more than 100 years of experience and expertise, NEC works with the world’s leading technology and service providers to develop the best retail solutions for your business. Together with our specialized, we offer a complete portfolio of solutions and services to address the needs of the Retail Industry. We have carefully curated and put together a suite of solutions that will help our customers continue their business and to remain in business.

Smart Retail Service

Smart Retail Services (SRS) helps retailers implement and operationalized nex generation store solutions in the areas of Planogram Monitoring, Equipment Monitoring, Shelf Monitoring, Task Monitoring,Fraud Prevention and Automated Ordering. The solutions are implemented using the best in class Al and IoT concepts in order for the retailer to see immediate and maximized benefits with minimal manpower requirements. All SRS solutions are implemented at individual stores and the performance data of the stores is aggregrated across various level so the retaile head-quarter (HQ) team can get a real-time consolidated view.

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Digital Signage

Increasingly prevalent in public spaces and corporate common areas, digital signage is the medium by which to communicate with disparate audiences who are often on the move. Eye-catching content draws the attention of passers-by with messaging designed to stand out from other media ‘noise’. Centrally controlled remote management yet with local accessibility, effective digital signage delivers relevant targeted content designed to inform, entertain or in some way influence the viewer whilst bringing operational efficiencies. In retail environments, branded messaging builds loyalty, promotes merchandising and offers upsell and cross-sell opportunities as it steers the customer journey. Digital posters in stores, shop windows and shopping malls deliver eye-catching advertisements which can be enhanced with context-aware capability and interactivity, with personalised messaging for even greater relevance and engagement.

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Field Analysis

FieldAnalyst uses image recognition technology to automatically detect faces and estimate age, gender, and other attributes. Since its release in 2007, FieldAnalyst has been used as a customer/visitor analysis tool in over ten countries employed at large-scale commercial facilities, shopping malls, event halls, and other venues. The features are:

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Privacy Consideration
  • Consistent Estimation
  • Global Support

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NEC Integrated E-Money

Increase sales and the number of repeat visits per customers with own-brand closed-loop prepaid e-money. It can incease sales per customer and the number of repeat visitors. NEC’s Integrated E-Money Solution comprehensively provides the three primary components required to implement a prepaid e-money system, thus reducing the implementation cost and period. NEC’s Integrated E-Money Solution can also be used to build an open-loop e-money services.

The benefit of close-loop prepaid e-money :

  • Reduce queues at the cash register
  • Increase sales per customer
  • Enable original promotions
  • Easy registration for customers
  • Increase the number of repeat visitors

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