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Depot Management System

NEC’s Depot Management System (DMS)  is envisioned to automate the depot operation for public transit system. Depot operation in summary is to record, update and manage manual activities that take place to efficiently operate the fleet - starting with when a bus, crew enters (checks in or reports to) the Depot and ends with the bus or crew leaving the depot.

DMS consists of following 4 modules:

HR Management keeps database of employee, salary, leaves/ holidays, attendance, and depot. It enables managing employees, promotions, salary/ benefits payment and many more. Also, employees can take out salary slips, know available leaves. Access to respective information is controlled depending on the designation i.e. HR, Depot manager, supervisor and crews.

Roster Management takes data of employees, leave statuses, bus statuses in order to assign jobs and shifts to respective employees and buses.

Inventory Management keeps database of stocks of goods with various attributes (i.e. expiry date, image, define units of measure, define unique item numbers), and the list of vendors. It enables placing orders when any goods are running out of stock. Items such as RO, GRN and Credit note can be taken out on the system. It also has a feature of automatic triggering of indent by defining thresholds.

Maintenance Management keeps database of vehicle information such as registration, plate, licence renewal statuses. As well, it keeps history for various categories i.e., type of job, mechanic attending the job, time period, location, and vehicle component inventories by asset, type, class, subclass (if any). Year, make, model, Purchase Order Number, Purchase Price, vendor, etc. It has a feature of planning a preventive maintenance (PM)

NEC’s Depot Management System (DMS) automates the operations in the bus depots, vehicle management, and stock management for a variety of parts, which is designed to increase the efficiency of daily tasks.