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Passenger Information System

The most fundamental element for a real time public transportation information service for passengers is accurate Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) prediction. NEC’s real time prediction engine is based on multi-dimensional statistics that provide stable ETA prediction and addresses variables such as day, time of the day, route type, schedule type, dwell time, travel time, etc.

NEC’s Passenger Information System is a thorough information system that notifies passengers about operation status and estimation of arrival time through displays and mobile apps in cooperation with NEC AVL solutions.

PIS Data Management

Advantages from using NEC PIS
Passengers are put back in the center of the service with a customer-experience-focused service management platform. Improved accessibility to necessary information gives passengers more choice about how to use a service and builds trust in that service.

PIS Implementations

As the name suggests passenger information system primarily focusses on providing information to the passenger traveling on the buses. The information to the passenger is passed on through displays at bus stops indicating the timings, routes etc., displays inside the buses, as well as journey planners and estimated time of arrival through mobile applications and websites.