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Asset Location Tracking

Full Access solution built on Artificial Intelligence

NEC’s Asset Tracking (a partnership with Juniper Networks – MIST Systems) delivers an integrated solution that enables seamless access at the edge, offering a complete wired and wireless of asset tracking using Bluetooth based location services. The solutions will do location tracking of devices, equipment, employees/peoples (put Bluetooth ID tag or Bluetooth smartphone).

Mobile User Engagement

Pushes location-based information such as turn-by-turn directions and proximity notifications to mobile users.

Asset location

Finds high-value resources such as shipping pallets, wheelchairs, security personnel, and the like.
Our solution automates several key elements of the IT stack, creating a powerful, cohesive solution that ensures a superior end-user experience—from the wireless edge, across the wired LAN, to the WAN. The AI-driven access solution delivers end-to-end visibility, simplicity, and exceptional performance to streamline IT operations.

Today’s enterprise networks support a large number of Wi-Fi-connected users and devices, as well as applications deployed in public, private, and hybrid clouds. Users demand the same seamless network experience no matter how they are connected or where their applications reside.

Organizations are also looking to deploy location-based services to enhance the user experience and monetize value-added services. Our solution combines network intelligence with artificial intelligence and deep-learning insights to deliver a remarkable user experience, enabling IT organizations to deploy value-added services through automation.

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