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Human Operation Navigation

Confirm with ear, input by voice, improve efficiency of onsite-information communication

Digitalize human work at manufacturing site!
Navigate optimal workers at an optimal timing, optimize human work and improve productivity of the entire manufacturing site including production machines.

Human Operation Navigation
Human Operation Navigation

What is “Human Operation Navigation”

Human Operation Navigation optimizes manual operation and manufacturing control in a factory

Work Classification Benefit
Routine work Operation Control
Assembly Work : Standardized work
  • Reduction of education time for early workers
  • Work improvement by hands-free data input
  • Extraction of work improvement point by cycle time collection of human work process
  • Failure analysis with machine state information, predictive maintenance
Set-up Work : Switching work according to operation state
Inspection Work : Work with state measurement
None-routine work Operation Control
Abnormal Correspondence :
Work depending on machine operation state
ex)Machine failure maintenance
  • Voice input of work log, reduction of input time by automatic collection
  • Process improvement by utilizing work log
  • Proper worker selection and proper instruction according to machine operation
  • Improvement by work performance analysis

Application effect

Improve inspection accuracy

Worker can concentrate on the inspection work by working with hands-free realized by voice-input. Prevent inspection omission and entry error by work instruction of synthesized voice/repeating of input contents.

Improve inspection productivity

Check result can be filled out by voice while performing the work. So that efficiency improves. Also, it reduces check sheet input work.

Improve work and quality

Check result will be stored as data. Trend analysis of inspections/inspection results, which was difficult with paper forms, is realized and this lead to operational and quality improvement.

Training period of standard work

by 25%

While Ensuring quality

Productivity improved
by 16%

Improvement Cycle

Improvement Cycle

(1time a month → 2times a day)


  • Works in conjunction with NEC Industrial Platform and navigate proper worker at an optimal timing for human work triggered by an event occurred at manufacturing site.
  • Reduce working time by hands-free report of work results, at the same time provide solutions for utilizing collected work results data.

Application Scene

Measures for demand fluctuation

Voice instruction+Work relay function

Voice instruction function of the standard work

Work in smooth by voice instruction.
Once the error occurred, stop “Automatically

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Voice Instruction

Work relay function realized by speech/recognition

Work instruction form will be taken over automatically,
Realize Work relay.

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Work Relay
  • Voice instruction following standard work
  • Voice instruction stops when there is an error
  • Work instruction form taken over automatically by speech

Trained workers in short term

Working Time Transition
Working Time Transition
  • First-time worker trained in short term
  • Design standard work procedure with voice instruction
  • Realize stable cycle time

Quality cost control

Collecting work result by Voice instruction+Voice recognition

Collecting Work Result
Collecting Work Result
  • With voice instruction/voice recognition, prevent work skipping
  • Fill out the check item automatically by voice recognition
  • Store work result as history data in real time

Quality cost verification result

Verification Result
Verification Result
  • Work in smooth by parallel check work
  • Reduction of check sheet input work (paperless)
  • Concentrating the work with keeping an eye on the product.


  • Multiple language support
    Support voice recognition and screen notation in multiple languages in order to support acceptance of overseas workers and overseas expansions of Japanese companies.
Supported language Japanese, English
  • Onsite worker can execute maintenance easily from web screen
    Support voice recognition and screen notation in multiple languages in order to support acceptance of overseas workers and overseas expansions of Japanese companies.
Web Screen
Web Screen

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