Industrial IOT

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Industrial Revolution Era

NEC Industrial IoT is a systematized platform of diverse solutions that take advantage of our world-class technologies such as image recognition, big data analysis, and software-defined networking (SDN). In addition to IoT, we also utilize NEC’s portfolio of AI technologies (NEC the WISE) for analysis of collected data as well as automation and optimization of production lines.

In this Industrial Revolution era, digital transformation including the integration of sophisticated technologies such as IoT and AI are shifting production and reshape the business model of Manufacturing companies, creating greater efficiency and better relationships between producers, suppliers and customers.

NEC Industrial IoT is based on the advanced technologies and the manufacturing innovation knowledge of NEC. And that becomes the driving force of the digital transformation for the manufacturing companies. NEC Industrial IoT accelerates manufacturing improvement cycle and distributes onsite innovation.
NEC Industrial IoT Platform digitalizes manufacturing onsite facts and promotes data utilization for industrial applications.

Industrial IOT Platform

At NEC, we have already standardized core systems at nine factories and have been moving ahead with the implementation of IoT with a view to further improving Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD). Digitized hands-on data collected at manufacturing sites is uploaded to standardized mission-critical systems in cyberspace where it is first visualized, then analyzed and sent back to the originating manufacturing site. We anticipate that this commitment on our part will soon produce tangible results which our clients will be able to draw upon as reference data. By providing our clients with knowledge value, we are confident that we will be able to help Manufacturing Companies to reduce their wasteful costs and increase their productivity.

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