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Video Analytics Solution

Perfectly Secure in real-time, effective, and efficient

Security and safety are major concerns facing all organizations today. In response, millions of CCTV cameras have been installed worldwide to control access, secure perimeters and monitor for theft, damage or attack. These cameras are watched by busy security personnel with other duties to perform, recorded for later review or even completely unattended. This reactive, after-the-fact approach cannot deliver the level of effective real-time security needed today.

Available Behavior Recognition Modules

Crowd Detection detects crowd size and queue length to prevent overcrowding situations
Exit Lane detects people going the wrong way in single direction entrance or exit lanes
Human Tailgating/Piggybacking detects multiple people tailgating or piggybacking on a single access card
Loitering detects people or vehicles loitering near secure or high value areas
Perimeter Intrusion detects and tracks people, vehicles, or other object intrusions into secured areas
Removed Objects detects the removal of stationary objects
Stopped Vehicle detects vehicles stopped near sensitive areas for a prolonged period
Turnstile Violation detects people hopping over or crawling under an access gate
Unattended Objects detects objects such as packages, luggage, and carts that are left unattended for a specified period of time

NEC Intelligent Video Surveillance provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and advance intelligent video surveillance software available today. With true behavior recognition capabilities, it can detect suspicious behaviors that threaten safety and security in real-time alerting the appropriate security staff for effective and efficient response.

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